Adding an Admin

For the best results, each member of your staff that will use WHMCS should have their own admin account. Admins can log in to the Admin Area and perform actions according to the permissions that you set.

For more information about admins, see Administrator Users.

Create an admin

To create a new admin user:

1. Go to Configuration > Manage Admins:

2. Click Add New Administrator.

3. Select an administrator role.

4. Enter the admin's name and email address.

5. Enter the desired username and password.

6. Select one or more support departments. The admin will only be able to access the support departments that you select here.

For more information, see Assigning an Admin to Support Departments.

7. Optionally, enter a signature for the admin's support ticket replies.

8. Select an Admin Area template.

9. Select the admin's desired language.

10. Click Save Changes.