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How to Add and Use Predefined Replies

Predefined replies let your staff quickly answer tickets about common issues. This can save time and money and ensure that you give consistent service to all of your customers.

For more information, see Predefined Replies.

Adding a Predefined Reply

To add a predefined reply:

1. Go to Support > Predefined Replies.

2. If you need to create a category to store your predefined reply, click Add Category. All predefined replies must exist within categories.

3. Enter a Category Name and click Add Category.

5. Under Browse by Category, click the category's name.

6. Click Add Predefined Reply.

7. Enter a Reply Name.

8. Click Add Article.

9. Optionally, edit the Reply Name.

10. Enter your message, using the Available Merge Fields if you want to include the ticket submitter's full name, first name, or email address.

  • This message supports the use of markdown.
  • You can click Preview to preview the message and review formatting.

11. Click Save Changes.

Using Predefined Replies

To use a predefined reply:

1. Click Insert Predefined Reply under Add Reply in the desired ticket.

2. In the list of categories, click the desired category.

3. Click the name of the predefined reply. The text will appear in the Add Reply text box.

4. Make any edits to the predefined reply text or add more information.

5. Click Reply.