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Stripping Quoted Emails from Tickets


Emails piped into the support ticket system can sometimes be cluttered by the notification email being quoted in the reply.

WHMCS attempts to identify where the client's message end and the quoted text begins and strip it out. This is done by searching for the break line. This guide shows how to customise these break lines.

Default Break Lines

By default WHMCS will strip content from piped emails after the following strings:

  • > -----Original Message-----
  • ----- Original Message -----
  • -----Original Message-----
  • <!-- Break Line -->
  • ====== Please reply above this line ======
  • _____

Some email clients use different break line formats, these can be added so the quoted emails can be automatically stripped out too.

Adding a New Break Line

In this example we'll demonstrate how to stripe quoted emails when the break line matches *****

Expert Instructions

Execute this SQL command:

INSERT INTO `tblticketbreaklines` (`id`, `breakline`) VALUES (NULL, '*****');

Regular Instructions

1. Use a tool such as phpmyadmin to access your WHMCS MySQL database

2. Ticket Break Lines are stored in the tblticketbreaklines table

3. Click Insert

4. Enter the desired string to match into the breakline field. In this example we use ***** :

Insert record into the table

5. Click Go

Email content after the ***** string will now be stripped when piped into a support ticket.

Removing Break Lines

If the break lines records are deleted from the tblticketbreaklines table, emails will be piped into the WHMCS support ticket system exactly as sent; quoted text and all.

Deleting record from table