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Handling Lost Two Factor Authentication Tokens

If you do not have access to your Two Factor Authentication token (eg. lost phone or new phone), your backup code can be used to login once.

The backup code was generated when you originally set up two-factor authentication and is composed of 16 letters and numbers. It looks like this:

To login using your backup code:

1. Click the "login using the Backup Code" link beneath the "Can't Access Your 2nd Factor Device?" heading on the Two-Factor Authentication page

2. Enter your 16 digit backup code into the text box

3. Click "Login"

4. You will be logged in and a new backup code will be generated. Please write this down in a safe place and remove the old backup code.

5. Navigate to the My Account page

6. Click Disable next to the Two-Factor Authentication setting.

7. Enter your admin password when prompted.

Two Factor Authentication is now disabled. You can then enable it again via this page and reconfigure it with your new device.