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Adding New Domain Availability Checks

New domains are being created all the time. If you wish to check the availability of these new domains via whois, read on.

In this example we will show how to add a whois server for .aarp

1. Find the whois server for the new domain in question. This is often listed in the IANA root database.

2. From your server command line, execute the following command:

 telnet whois
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3. Enter any available domain. eg.

4. The output will show the whois server's match string:

No match for "DWEADWE.AARP".
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5. On your server create a file called /resources/domains/whois.json

6. Using the information gathered in steps 1-5, into this file we enter the information which tells WHMCS where to check for these domains and what response to expect when a domain is available for registration:

    {        "extensions": ".aarp",
             "uri": "socket://",
             "available": "No match for"
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7. Save the file on you server.

WHMCS is now able to check the availability of .aarp domains.

For more information adding whois servers, please refer to