Forcing a Password Reset

In some circumstances, you may need to force a user to reset their password before they can log in again.

To do this, you can remove their password from the database using an SQL query.

Removing the Password from the Database

Removing a user's password prevents access to the Client Area. When you do this, the user must request a password reset email and specify a new password before they can log in.

Execute the following SQL query to remove the contents of the password field for a user:

UPDATE `tblusers` SET `password` = '', `email_verification_token_expiry` = NULL, `email_verified_at` = NULL, `reset_token_expiry` = NULL WHERE `tblusers`.`id` = x; 
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Replace x with the desired user's user ID. You can find the user's ID at Clients > Manage Users in the WHMCS Admin Area.