Adding and Managing Users

WHMCS's user management system allows a single user to access multiple client accounts. This separates authentication and authorization from services, billing, and support.

You can associate users with specific client accounts in either the Client Area or the Admin Area.

For more information about users and accounts, including the full details of adding and inviting users to accounts, see Users and Accounts.

Sending Invitations

When you associate a user with a client account, you can send an invitation to a specified email address.

  • The invitation contains a one-time link that is valid for seven days.
  • The user must click the link and complete the process to accept the invitation.

The recipient can choose to either create a new user (if they do not have one) or log in as their existing user to accept the invitation.

While invitations go to the specified email address, the recipient can complete the invitation process using this link with any email address they choose. Accepting an invitation is not the same as client email verification.

Login or Register

In the Admin Area

From the Admin Area, you can add existing users or send invitations to new users.

To invite a new or existing user to a client account:

  1. Go to the desired client's profile.
  2. Click Associate User.
  3. Select a user:
    • For existing users that are already registered in the WHMCS system, enter the user's name or email address in Select User and select the user from the displayed list.
    • For new users who have not already registered, enter the email address and select Create new user.
  4. Check the desired permissions to set the level of access that the user has to this client account.
  5. Set Send Invite to YES to send an invitation email.

If you set Send Invite to NO, the user will not receive an invitation email and they will become associated with the client account immediately.

6.    Click Associate User.

The user will display in the Users tab list under Pending Invites until they accept the invitation.

User tab

You can resend or cancel invitations by going to the Users tab in the client profile and selecting Resend Invite or Cancel Invite, respectively.

In the Client Area

In the Client Area, a user can add multiple new or existing client accounts that it can then manage. We recommend this method.

Invite New User

To do this:

  1. Go to Hello, Name! > User Management.
  2. Enter an email address under Invite New User.
  3. Choose All Permissions to grant all available permissions, or choose Choose Permissions and select the desired permissions.
  4. Click Send Invite.

If you send an invitation to an email address for an existing account, they can access the client account using their existing login credentials. If the email address does not correspond to an existing account, they can create one.

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