Enabling SSL on a WHMCS Installation

WHMCS often contains private and sensitive data that passes between WHMCS and end users' browsers. Having a valid SSL certificate that enables the use of HTTPS and encrypted communication is essential for data security.

We recommend performing this task and other security measures immediately after installing WHMCS. For a full list, see More Ways to Secure Your WHMCS Installation.

Enable SSL

To enable SSL on your WHMCS installation:

1. If you do not have an SSL certificate, purchase one.

2. Configure the SSL certificate on the domain that hosts WHMCS. The method to use will depend on the hosting control panel that you use.

3. Update the WHMCS System URL setting in the General tab at Configuration > System Settings > General Settings, entering your website's https:// -enabled URL.

For more information on updating your system URL, see Updating the System URL.

4. Click Save Changes.