Cron Setup

Now that you have installed WHMCS, the next step is to configure the cron job. This will execute WHMCS's automation tasks, such as generating renewal invoices and sending payment reminders.

This example uses a cPanel server. If you use another server type, review our Cron Documentation for guidance.

First, log in to the cPanel account that hosts your WHMCS installation. Then, click on Cron Jobs.

WHMCS only requires a single cron job for automation. Optimally, it should run every 5 minutes, but, if your host does not allow that frequency, you must run it at least one time per hour.

  1. Select Once Per Five Minutes from the Common Settings menu.
  2. Paste the daily cron job command that you saved during the installation process in the Command field.
  3. Click Add New Cron Job.

If you didn't note the cron job command during installation, you can find it within your WHMCS Administration Area. To do this:

4. Navigate to Automation Status (Setup > Automation Settings in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier) within your WHMCS Admin Area.

5. Click the top-left badge beneath the Automation Status heading

6. Copy the Cron Command displayed with the modal which appears

Automation Status Icon
Click the Status Badge
Copy the Cron Command

Paste the cron command into your server's cron job configuration and save it.

You're now ready to log in to the newly-installed WHMCS Admin Area for the first time.