Reviewing Automation Activity

WHMCS includes two methods to review the status and activity of your WHMCS installation's automation tasks.

Automation Overview

The Automation Overview widget in the Admin Area Dashboard provides an overview of the key automation tasks and their trends for the past seven days. Clicking on any of the graphs will take you to the more detailed view shown below.

Automation Status Page

You can go to Utilities > Automation Status to view additional automation information.

  1. Next Daily Task Run shows the number of hours until the next scheduled daily task run.
  2. You can choose which automation tasks you wish to view on the graph and the timeframe to display.
  3. The graph displays the number of items that the system processed for a given task during the given timeframe.
  4. Daily Actions displays a complete listing of all automation tasks and their results. This defaults to the current day.
  5. Use this selection tool to browse back in time and view the Automation Task results for a previous day.