Reviewing Automation Activity

The Automation Overview widget in the admin dashboard provides an overview of the key automation tasks and their trends for the past 7 days. Clicking on any of the graphs will take you to the more detailed view shown below.

Automation Status Page

  1. The Next Daily Task Run time - shows how many hours it is until the next scheduled daily task run
  2. Graph Metrics - The display metric and timeframe for the graph - allows you to choose which of the Automation Tasks you wish to view on the graph and the timeframe to display from options of: This Week, Last Week, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month
  3. The Automation Task Trend Graph - A visual representation of the number of items actioned for a given task over the given timeframe.
  4. Daily Actions Overview - A complete listing of all Automation Tasks and the results of each one. Defaults to the current day.
  5. Calendar/Day Select - Allows you to browse back in time and view the Automation Task results for a previous day.  You can navigate forward and back using the day selector, or click any day in the past on the calendar to jump straight to it.