Customising Email Contents

The email templates allow you to customise the messages that go out to  your customers when actions occur inside WHMCS. Every email that goes  out to a customer can be customised:


1. Navigate to Setup > Email Templates

Setup > Email Templates

2. Click on the name of the email template you wish to edit. In this example we are editing the First Overdue Reminder email.

Email Template Screen

3. This screen displays the details of the email sent to clients. From here you can customise the email details, subject and contents.

Note: The email message contained within the Default Version section will be sent to clients using your system default language. If additional email translations have been activated, additional text areas will be displayed for you to provide translations.

Editing an Email Template

4. Once you are happy with the changes to the email , click Save Changes.


For more information on using email templates, please refer to our documentation: