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Unable to access Sign-In Integrations page

After applying the 7.3 update, you are unable to access the new Setup > Sign-In Integrations page in the admin area. Symptoms are being blocked by the admin password prompt, or upon accessing the page all configuration actions fail with the error:

System Error: please refresh the page and try again

Potential Causes

Potential causes of this problem are:

  • Outdated local browser cache
  • Outdated admin area templates
  • Using a non-recommended Friendly URIs setting

Please run through the troubleshooting steps in the following order:

Outdated local browser cache

Begin by clearing your browser cache:

Once cleared, perform a hard-refresh of the WHMCS admin area (by pressing Ctrl + F5) in your browser.

Outdated admin area templates

If the admin area template files in your installation are out-dated, this could cause problems loading the new page.

  1. Click the My Account link in the top-left corner of the page
  2. From the Template dropdown, select Blend
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Try accessing the page again

If the issue persists, upload a fresh copy of the /admin/templates directory, which can be downloaded from then repeating the above steps again.

Note: If you have a custom admin directory, be sure to upload the files to the custom location instead.

Misconfigured Friendly URIs

If the Friendly URIs setting is misconfigured, it could cause this page in the admin area to be inaccessible.

You can confirm the issue by navigating to the Help > Licence Information page. If the page does not load either or you encounter a 404 error. This confirms the problem. To resolve it:

  1. Navigate to Setup > General Settings > General tab
  2. Scroll down to the Friendly URIs setting
  3. Click the Reset button to restore the system-detected setting
  4. Try accessing the page again


Should the problem persist after following all three of these steps, please create a support ticket with technical support.