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Custom Ticket Status Language Display


After updating to WHMCS 8.7.2, admins may encounter a problem with the display of custom support ticket statuses in the /admin/supporttickets.php file.

The status appears in the format supportticketstatus.$statusname instead of the configured Status value.



Update to the 8.8 release at Utilities > Update WHMCS.



To fix this, create an admin language override file with an entry for the Status value:

1. Create a  /admin/lang/overrides/languagename.php file, where languagename is the admin's language setting.

The filename for the language override file is dependant on the admin's language setting. For example, if the admin language setting is English, create an /admin/lang/overrides/english.php file.

If you have customized the name of the admin directory, create the file in the custom directory.

2. Add the following content to the new file, where  $statusname is the name of the custom ticket status and Status Name is the value to display on the page:

$_ADMINLANG['supportticketsstatus']['$statusname'] = "Status Name"; 

3. Add a line to the file for each status that you have configured at Configuration > System Settings > Ticket Statuses.

$_ADMINLANG['supportticketsstatus']['teststatus'] = "Test Status";
$_ADMINLANG['supportticketsstatus']['senttobilling'] = "Sent To Billing";
$_ADMINLANG['supportticketsstatus']['contactvendor'] = "Contact Vendor"; 

4. Save the file.