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Troubleshooting Payment Gateway Issues (2Checkout, CIM, eWay Rapid, Stripe)


After applying the 7.8.3 update, errors may occur processing payments or managing cards via payment gateways using the following gateways:

  • 2Checkout
  • CIM
  • eWay Rapid
  • Stripe


We are releasing a hot-fix patch which introduces logic to handle these scenarios. It is available for download from:

Note Regarding Stripe Behavior

WHMCS v7.8 updates the Stripe payment gateway module to use the latest Elements and Payment Intents integration method.

This new method operates slightly differently to the integration method used in 7.7 and earlier. As a result slightly different entries may appear in the Payments section within your Stripe account when a client places and order:

  1. A Payment Intent record is created at Stripe
  2. A pre-authorisation is made against the client's card for the approximate total to be due
  3. The invoice is generated in WHMCS and any final discounts (such as client group discounts) are applied
  4. Payment is captured from the client's card for the invoice total
  5. Any difference between the pre-authorised amount and captured amount is released back to the client's card's available balance
    • This will appear in the Stripe interface as a partial refund of the payment
    • This pre-auth release is not reflected in the WHMCS transaction record