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Troubleshooting an convertRenamedOptions Error


After performing an update to v7.8, the cron job does not complete and results in an OOPS error. After troubleshooting the Oops Error, an error similar to below is shown:

[WHMCS Application] ERROR: TypeError: Argument 1 passed to WHMCS\Cron\Console\Input\CliInput::convertRenamedOptions() must be of the type array, null given


This issue is typically caused by the configuration setting register_argc_argv in your server's PHP.ini file being disabled. You can confirm whether or not this is disabled by using the following methods:

Method 1 - Command Line

  1. Login to your Command Line/SSH for the server hosting WHMCS
  2. Execute the following Command, substituting the path to your PHP (as configured in your Cronjob):
    php -i | grep register_argc_argv
  3. Verify the register_argc_argv setting is On

Method 2 - WHMCS' PHP Info Page

  1. Login to your WHMCS Instance
  2. Navigate to Utilities >> System >> PHP Info
  3. Verify the register_argc_argv setting is On


If your register_argc_argv setting is set to Off, you will need to update this in your php.ini file. As each server is configured differently, it would require in depth knowledge of the server to properly configure this setting. The setting needs to be changed in your server's php.ini file. If you are comfortable editing this file, simply set the file to reflect the setting as:

register_argc_argv = On

If you are uncomfortable setting this setting, or do not know where your php.ini file is located, you will want to work with your System Administrator or Web Host to properly edit your php.ini file to enable this option.

More information about this PHP option can be found on the PHP Documentation Website.