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Setting up Office365 as your Mail Service Provider

Set up Office365 in WHMCS

WHMCS comes with the ability to send emails immediately, without any additional configuration, using PHP mail(). While this works in most cases, other mail providers may give you a better experience.

One of these mail provider methods is SMTP.

This guide shows how to configure and use Office365 SMTP.

To set Office365 as your Service Provider:

1. Navigate to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings

2. Click on the Mail tab.

3. Click Configure Mail Provider.

4. Select SMTP as your Mail Provider.

5. Choose a Mail Encoding.

6. Select Generic as your Service Provider.

7. Enter for the SMTP Host.

8. Enter 587 for the SMTP Port

9. Select Password for SMTP Authentication.

10. Enter your SMTP Username. This is the Office365 email address that you will be using.

11. Enter your SMTP Password, which will be the password of the above Office365 email account.

To retrieve your SMTP details, visit your Office365 Admin Center or ask your system mail administrator.

12 . Select TLS for SMTP SSL Type.

13. Click Test Configuration at the bottom to make sure that you entered everything correctly.

14. Once you see a success message, click Save Changes.

WHMCS will now use SMTP to send mail.

Troubleshooting SMTP Issues

For additional help troubleshooting SMTP settings, see Troubleshooting Email Sending Problems.