Get Selling and Next Steps

Congratulations, WHMCS is now installed, configured and ready to go!

Visitors can now access your shopping cart via the internet, place their order, make payment and have products provisioned and domain registered - all without you needing to lift a finger.

To test this out, visit (replace with the URL of your WHMCS installation) and place an order of your own.

WHMCS has many more features to explore. The Setup Tasks page within your Administration area will help guide you through more of the key features available within WHMCS

To access this, click the Setup link in the Navigation Menu.

You will now be presented with a list of additional tasks you can perform. Click each link to be taken to the relevant section to complete the configuration, and tick that item off the list.

Further Resources

A range of resources are at your finger-tips to help with further configuration and usage of WHMCS:

Guides and Tutorials - Step-by-step guides for completing common tasks and troubleshooting problems (like this guide!)

Documentation - The manual describes every option and feature. Some useful entry points are:

Video Tutorials - If you enjoyed the videos throughout this guide, more available available on our YouTube Channel.