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Linking Directly to Specific Products

In addition to linking to the shopping cart or a particular product group, it is possible to link directly to a single product. This guide explains how:

Navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Products/Services, or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services

Click the Edit icon next to the product to which you wish to link directly:

1. Click the Links tab

2. Copy the contents of the Direct Shopping Cart Link field:

When this link is visited, customers will have this product added to their shopping cart. If configuration is required (such as a domain, billing cycle choice or configuration options) they will be taken to the configuration page instead.

You can choose to use a different order form template when linking to a specific product by passing the carttpl= variable in the link. This might be useful if you have created a custom configuration routine for a particular product.

Follow the above steps to edit the product in question:


1. Click the Links tab

2. Copy the contents of the Direct Shopping Cart Link Specifying Template field:

The standard_cart value is an example using the stock order form template. You can replace this value with your own order form template.

For example if your WHMCS installation was located at and the custom order form template was located in the following directory /templates/orderforms/mycustom_orderform , then the URL would be formatted as:


This link will take the customer to the configuration stage for product ID 2 and the appearance will use your custom order form template.