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Troubleshooting Missing Run Migration Button on Tax Configuration


After applying the WHMCS 7.7 update, the Run Migration button may not appear on the Setup > Payments > Tax Configuration  page > VAT Settings tab.

Run Migration button


This button is displayed if all the following conditions are met:

  • The EU VAT Addon was active prior to the 7.7 update
  • A custom field was selected for storing VAT Numbers in the EU VAT Addon configuration

If the button is not displayed, these conditions were not met.


It may be desirable to migrate a custom field containing a tax ID into the new native field, even if the EU VAT Addon was not in use prior to updating.

This can be done by running the following  query against the WHMCS MySQL database:

DELETE FROM tblconfiguration WHERE setting=‘TaxVatCustomFieldId’; INSERT INTO `tblconfiguration` (`setting`, `value`, `created_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES ('TaxVatCustomFieldId', 'x', now(), now());

Replace x with the ID of the Tax custom field to be migrated. That's the value.

Reloading the Tax Configuration page should now display the Run Migration button on the VAT Settings tab. If it does not display, double check your entry of the Custom Field ID value.


NOTE: This only works for Custom Client Fields. The migration cannot be performed for Product or Support Custom Field types.