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Troubleshooting Domain Search Returning No Results


After applying the WHMCS 7.5.0 update when using a custom template, checking domain availability via /cart.php?a=add&domain=register or /cart.php?a=add&pid=x fails to return any domain results.

The Searching/Checking availability message is displayed indefinitely:

Domain searching forever

At the same time, the browser's error console reports the following error:


whmcsBaseUrl is not defined


This issue occurs when the WHMCS software has been updated to v7.5 but the custom template has not had the corresponding updates applied. As a result a new required variable is not defined on the page.


To resolve this, please ensure all the template updates have been applied to your custom template:

For this particular issue, it is this single change which will be required:

So as to avoid any further issues, we recommend applying all the template changes listed in the release notes.

Further Reading

To help automate the template update process, we recommend leveraging the power of Git. For more information please refer to the guide in this blog post: