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Troubleshooting an Admin homepage widget failed to load Error

An admin dashboard widget may fail to appear on the admin area dashboard, despite the file being present in the /modules/widgets directory.


An error with the widget file or its code meant it could not be successfully loaded, and as such it was excluded from the admin dashboard page.

The error message will provide additional details as to the specific nature of the problem; it could contain a coding syntax error, have been encoded with an old version of Ioncube Loaders or written for a different version of PHP.


  1. Navigate to Setup > General Settings > Other tab
  2. Enable the Hooks Debug Mode option
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Refresh the admin Dashboard homepage
  5. Disable the Hooks Debug Mode option
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Navigate to Utilities > Logs > Activity Log
  8. Look for an entry like:
Admin homepage widget failed to load. Could not include file: /path/to/whmcs/modules/widgets/filename.php


The file can be deleted from your WHMCS installation via FTP to resolve the immediate error. It would then be necessary to work with the author of the file to resolve the specific error encountered.

A syntax error indicates a mistake in the code or a partially uploaded file.

An Ioncube or PHP error indicates that the file is not packaged in a compatible way with your particular server environment.