Guides & Tutorials7.1 Update TroubleshootingStripe module not working after updating

Stripe module not working after updating

When troubleshooting payment issues, always begin by navigating to Billing > Gateway Log

Look at the Result and Debug Data columns.

No Stripe Details Found for Update

This may also present itself as Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.

Causes of this error are:

  • A hook file present in /includes/hooks/stripe.php. This file should be removed when switching to the Official Stripe module.
  • Template customisations present in your active order form template files. Switch to the stock Six and standard_cart templates temporarily and try again.
Setup > General Settings > General tab
Setup > General Settings > Ordering tab
  • The payment method is set to a module other than Stripe. There are two solutions:
    1. Change the client's Payment Method setting to the Stripe module. This is done under the client's Profile tab,
    2. Make Stripe the system default payment gateway. This done by using the green arrows on the Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways > Manage Existing Gateways tab to move Stripe to the top of the page.